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Column PC 01 50_500 LDSPump PP03 BGSeparlab is an European company specializing in the development and production on the field of preparative liquid chromatography and related methods. Founded in January 2010, but uses two decades of experience of its staff in the field. It offers optimal solutions for both laboratory and production plants where isolation or purification of various compounds is required:

Laboratory preparative chromatographs
Plant scale systems for prep chromatography
MPLC and HPLC columns for laboratory applications
High and medium pressure columns for industrial cleaning
High pressure pulsless piston and diaphragm pumps
Multi-channel photometric (UV-VIS) detector for PLC
Monitors of pH, conductivity, temperature, pressure and flow
Gradient mixers, fractions collectors, temperature control
Software for control, monitoring and evaluation of the process
Reconstruction and modernization of older installations
Advice and verification of separation strategies

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