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About us

Separlab is an European company based in Prague, Czech Republic. We develop and manufacture in the field of preparative liquid chromatography and related methods. The company was founded in January 2010, but uses more than two decades of our employees experience in the field. We can offer superior solutions - sophisticated HPLC columns, high pressure pulseless pumps and complete LC systems equipped with gradient mixers, fractions collectors and column temperature control. Our products are completed by photometric detectors ECOM.


Separlab provides effective solutions for both laboratory and for production plants, which require isolation or purification of various compounds. Perfect function, reliability and ease of use is for us in the first place. Equally important is a modern design and quality craftsmanship. But we do not forget even for a reasonable price.


Separlab not only offers products but also full support for installation before, during, and in time using the supplied systems. In addition to selling new equipment we also deal with the renovation and upgrading of existing systems.