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Operating and Evaluation - Control Systems

ECOMAC - software for control and monitoring

Software ECOMAC is designed with maximal effort to do easy operation of chromatographic systems ECOM. It is suited for units controlling and data collecting. Equipments are connected to the PC using RS232, or USB (by means of RS232/USB converter). Software detects automatically almost of all units, so there is no need complicated communication installation:

Ecomac 1

Program most important features:

  • Easy installation
  • Connecting using USB or RS232
  • No need A/D converter
  • Possibility to start up to 8 stations at the same time
  • Data export in various formats
  • Possibility of external start and external mark
  • Secured access
  • Units controlling and data collecting from one place

Equipments are controlled using well-arranged menu, each installed unit has own bookmarks:

On the screen we can watch parameters of all units for example detector absorbance, pump pressure and column oven temperature. It allow monitoring of whole system by stabilization or by problems searching. It is possible to record, print and export all data.

Ecomac 2

Supported formats by data export:

  • Text formats: native text format, two column text format and CSW Clarity text format
  • Binary formats: native binary CH-format, CSW (1.7) Raw format, Matlab5.0(Octave) MAT format, AIA NETCDF


ECOMAC SM edition - control software for all ECOM detectors and all SEPARLAB instruments (CD disc)
Panda 30 HID transducer for detector communication, 3 entries, ECOMAC analyses start and marking
Cable RS232 - USB for detectors 3 m
Detector cable 3 m (according specification) USB
Instrument cable 3 m USB
USB hub 4x>1