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Operating and Evaluation - Data Stations

CL LClarity is advanced Chromatography Data Station (CDS) with optional software modules for data acquisition, data processing, and instrument control. Its wide range of data acquisition interfaces (A/D converters, LAN, USB, RS232) allows connection to virtually any chromatograph.

Up to four independent chromatography systems, each of which can be equipped with up to 12 detectors (signals), can be simultaneously connected.

Clarity can be used with any PLC system (but also with any analytical HPLC or GC instrument). Together with optional Control modules and Extensions it provides the possibility of complete chromatography data handling system. The Control modules provide integrated control of selected instruments, Extensions provide functions for specific separation techniques such as PDA or GPC.

Clarity comes with extensive free support from DataApex as well as from the growing community of users in the Clarity Forum. Unlike many large corporations, the DataApex Company is in close contact with its users.

The following figures display typical configurations of Clarity chromatography station. On the first the PLC measures on two detectors. Clarity will acquire two separate signals sharing a common timebase (synchronized START/STOP). A resulting chromatogram will contain two signals.

CL 1

Clarity is used to acquire data from four chromatographs. Each chromatograph uses single detector, so it is enough to use four channel card. However it is necessary to purchase Clarity Ad-on instruments to be able to acquire data from four separate systems simultaneously. In this case the signals are completely independent.

 CL 2

This example displays a configuration with two chromatography systems (PLC + HPLC) where the PLC system uses multiple channel detector. All the channels attached to the PLC Instrument will share common timebase (synchronized START/STOP). The analytical HPLC detector will be independent.

 CL 3