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Industrial Separation Units - Medium Pressure

MPLC chrtomSEPARSYS MP 300D is an industrial unit for medium pressure liquid preparative chromatography. It is equipped with two switchable columns units which are packed with sorbents with a particle size 20  to 40 micron. Maximal mobile phase pressure is 50 bar (5 Mpa, 700 PSI) and operate with flow rates up to 3000 ml/min.  The system controlled either locally (pump, fraction collector) or centrally from the ECOMAC can be operated in isocratic or gradient mode. The unit consists of:

  • two medium-pressure columns SEPARCHOM PC02 300H with an inside diameter 302 mm and length 600 mm, columns are packed with 20 - 45 µ irregular silica (sedimentation procedure of packing) and equipped with a hydraulic systems SEPARPRESS D20 MM 15/300 PC02 having a power 20 tons and manual oil pump
  • block of mobile phase delivery control (including bypass, flow splitting to particular column and back to detector + safety valve ) provided with manual high-pressure ball valves
  • to the output column a detector SAPHIRE 600 with PLCC 05 cell
  • piston pulsless pump SEPARTRIX PP03CG (up to 3 l/min. and 70 bar), three phase gradient valves included) - two valves are to mix mobile phase, the third delivers the mixture to be separated
  • fraction collector SEPARFLOW 5-20 is situated beside the detector having 11 solenoid valves with 5 mm I.D. manifold
  • PC using a modified software ECOMAC to set parameters of the separation process (wavelength, flow rate, gradient program, fraction collector program) and to monitor  detector signal