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Gradient forming devices - Programmers

Gradient grafSEPARMIX P  low pressure gradient programming unit is a box with graphic display and membrane keyboard which is used in combination of  a set of solenoid valves to form a low pressure gradient of mobile phase for prep liquid chromatography. Inside the box is a wire board, power supply for solenoid valves and solid state relais to feed solenoid gradient valves. There is a power supply for gradient valves fan.
Gradient program is made in 10 linear steps for two, three or four (only with 5 valves version) liquids. Remaining valve (liquids) can be programmed only as closed or opened valve.  Programming unit is connected by a single cable to gradient valves box. SEPARMIX P  can be used to program and feed either 3 valves or 5 valves system, both in small and large version.